Graham Simpson | Cambridge | London

Graham is Managing Director of Daring Bio Ltd, a drug discovery consultancy for pharma, biotech, academic and investor clients.

Graham has built up a highly credible reputation in the industry and is an expert in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery from target to candidate across small molecule, peptide and PROTAC therapeutic modalities.

He has a broad experience across target classes and therapeutic areas including oncology, immune/inflammation, infectious diseases, metabolic and respiratory.

He has a current and wide knowledge of platform technologies for target identification, target validation, hit finding, lead optimisation and drug delivery.

Graham worked at GlaxoSmithKline for 12 years as Scientific Programme Leader and Head of Therapeutic Peptide Platform. Before starting Daring Bio in 2019, he was Head of Drug Discovery and Partnerships for GTN Ltd, an innovative biotech company using AI/ML approaches to accelerate drug discovery.

Graham holds a BSc (Hons) Organic Chemistry from University of Strathclyde and Ph.D. Organic Chemistry from University of Bristol.
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